Tumble Dryer repair

Tumble dryer repair. Is it not heating, drum not rotating or just need a replacement fluff filter?

Call Gates Domestic Services for a speedy and polite  dryer repair

At Gates Domestic Services we really appreciate your custom and have been serving the majority of the Southend on Sea (SS) postcodes since 1969.
If you do need us to come out and look at your Tumble Dryer and in most cases your Tumble dryer is worth repairing, whether it needs a new belt, drum bearing or set of thermostats. These jobs are cost effective against a replacement dryer.

What if your machine can’t be repaired?

Sometimes a tumble dryer repair isn’t cost effective and therefore Gates Domestic Services can supply you with a brand new Tumble Dryer. This all comes with our 1-2-3 Free deal and includes delivery, installation and removal of old machine free of charge. All dryers are competitively priced.

Top tips for maintaining your tumble dryer

For keeping your tumbler dryer in good order, you should always clean your filter after use as this will affect your dryer’s performance. If you have a condenser dryer then the condenser unit at the bottom of the dryer will need to be taken out and cleaned. This can be run under a tap to give it a good clean and then left for 5 minutes on end to drip dry before placing back in the machine.
Regular cleaning of the condenser will help keep your machine running at optimum performance and mean that you won’t need to call us for your tumble dryer repair
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